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Bolanos  Counseling Services specializes in helping children, teens, and adults in DFW achieve a happier and more fulfilling life.

In  a nurturing and supportive environment, Ms.Bolanos offers the following  services: individual therapy, family therapy, couples counseling,  parent counseling, and memory enhancement services.

young adults


Young Adults

Transitioning from being a child to having more responsibilities and pressures can be challenging. Ms. Bolanos works with young adults to address the different stressors in their lives such as college, dating, body image and entering the workforce. She helps them to look at their family dynamics and understand how those relationships are affecting them. She provides a safe, non-judgmental environment for young adults to explore who they are as they begin to shape their lives.  

Child & Family Services


Ms. Bolanos works with both children and parents to help the whole family address behavior issues, divorce, co-parenting, social anxiety, bullying, low self-esteem, and academic underperformance. Getting to know the different members of the family allows Ms. Bolanos to get a bigger picture of the family dynamics to help each individual better understand their role and how to have healthy interactions with each other. When working with children, Ms. Bolanos works closely with parents.

Child Services (only in conjunction with parent counseling)

  • Behavior Management (only in conjunction with parent counseling)
  • Study Skills, Organizational Skills & Time Management Training (only in conjunction with parent counseling)
  • College Preparation & Readiness 

Memory Training Treatment (only in conjunction with parent counseling)

  • Cogmed Working Memory Training (at-home / online)

For more information on Cogmed Working Memory Training, please visit

older adults


For adults that have transitioned out of academia and have spent some time in the work place, Ms. Bolanos assists them in addressing a variety of issues such as job satisfaction, self-care, and relationship satisfaction

counseling supervision


Ms. Bolanos offers supervision to newly licensed counseling interns.   For more information, contact Ms. Bolanos at